Welcome. I’m not sure what you’re doing here because sadly, though we made some excellent bread, the pandemic has done for The Loafery.

Our ovens live on though – the team at The Gentleman Fishmonger on Doncaster market bought them and the rest of our baking gear and plan to open up a bakery as part of the Scicluna deli. Good luck to them!

About Me

Piers Cawley

I’m a folk singer, photographer, ex-programmer and a keen home bread baker. I reached the point where, if I wanted to keep getting better as a baker, I had to turn pro, so that’s what I did.

The Loafery wasn’t setting the world on fire, but it was growing slowly, but the onset of the pandemic and my responsibilities as a carer meant I had to wind it up.

I still blog at bofh.org.uk and sing folk songs on YouTube most Friday nights. You can find those through my channel, and I’m available for bookings.


Your best bet is to contact me as  @pdcawley on Twitter.